Monday, April 22, 2013

How to Hang Pre-hung Door - Part 6 of 15 - Recycled Metal Removed

Fig.1 The Tools
By Gary Boutin

Supplies and Tools:
Cordless Screwdriver with Phillip bit
Claw Hammer 
Paint scraper

Mr. Victor Longpont hired my services to remove his garage door that had become damaged after a bad rain storm. The door had not been painted for over 30 years, the bottom of the door was completely rusted. 

This post shows the seven steps to recycle the damaged door hardware. 

Step 1: Fig.1 shows the door that has been removed and set on its side.  
Step 2: Fig.2 shows the use of a cordless drill with a Phillip screwdriver bit to remove the latch and door handle from the door.
Fig.2 Door Hardware
Fig.3 Hardware
Step 3: Fig.4 shows the removal of the dead bolt lock assembly. Notice the long metal screw, it's made of brass and so is most of the lock assembly. Use the cordless screwdriver to remove the lock parts.
Fig.4 Strike Plate
Step 4: Fig.5 shows the removal of the metal hinges. On this door there were three sets of metal hinges. Using the cordless screwdriver remove each brass screw and save for later. 
Step 5: Fig.6 shows the removal of the aluminum weatherstripping seal that was around the door. Save the metal for later.
Fig.5 Hinges
Fig.6 Removing aluminum weatherstrip
Step 6: Fig.7 shows all the metal from the damaged door ready for recycling. The aluminum weatherstripping, brass door hardware for the door handle, screws and dead bolt. The metal door sweep and the aluminum threshold plate will be used to make other materials instead of landing in the waste dump.
Fig.7 Recycle Metal
Step 7: Recycling is not a money maker, its hard work to separate each type of metal.  Sometimes what looks like brass is plated metal but recycling metal parts is a good a way to keep our environment cleaner.

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