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How to Repair an Attic Duct - Part 1 of 2 - The Repair

Air handler collar
By Gary Boutin
Supplies and Tools:
Air handler 
Electrical cords
Electrical lights
Electrical strip 
Electrical tape
Fiberglass ladder 6-Ft
Foil tape (metal tape)
Ladder 6-foot  
Lamps 500-watts  
Starting collar 8-inch

Mrs. Wrighthood need a second mortgage on her home/business. She had to qualify for the loan and had been told from her real estate agent that her attic air vents needed some work. She called my service company for an emergency repair.

This post the ten steps to repairing the air registry.

Step 1: Fig.1 shows the fiberglass ladder used to get into the attic work.
Fig.1 Ladder
Step 2: Fig.2 shows the electrical cord used to power up a 500-watt lamps in the attic.
Fig.2 Electrical cord
Step 3: Fig.3 shows electrical tape being wrapped around the ends of the electrical cords to keep them together so they do not come apart in the attic.
Fig.3 Electrical tape
Step 4: Fig.4 shows the purchases for the attic repairs from our local warehouse store.
Fig.4 Attic kit
Step 5: Fig.5 shows the real problem, the attic air handler is not connected to the single fiberglass air duct pipe. The picture below shows the spiral air pipe has an fiberglass exterior is completely disconnected from the air handler. All the other duct pipes were connected and there seamed to be no other issues from the duct pipes.
Fig.5 Not connected
Step 6: Fig.6 shows the duct pipe has a metal cable spiral around the duct pipe. The cable keep the duct pipe open so it does not fall inside the itself. The attic was not well vented, dusty and was over 100 degree Fahrenheit.
Fig,.6 Spiral cable
Step 7: Fig.7 and fig.8 shows two possibilities to replacing the air handler collar. The possible choices can start at 6 inches to 14 inches, all depending on what size the air duct has been used in the attic. This job required an 8-inchs starting collar.

Fig.7 Eight inch collar
Fig.8 Ten inch collar
Step 8: Fig.9 and fig.10 shows the beginning process of installing the collar from the air handler.
Fig.9 piping
Fig.10 Air handler
Step 9: Fig.11 shows that the air duct has been attached to the air handler collar.
Fig.11 Tape foil
Step 10: Fig.12 shows that metal duct tape was used to keep the fiberglass duct tape in place to prevent any ac leakage. Once the duct pipe was secured to the air handler the air conditioner was able to pass the cool air to the bedrooms. Now Mrs. Wrighthood has a nice cool home in the Inland Empire.
Fig.12 Tape check for leaks

How to Repair an Attic Duct:

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