Friday, July 26, 2013

How to Repair a Double Mailbox - Part 11 of 16 - Post Installation

Fig.1: Mailbox Repair
By Gary Boutin

Supplies and Tools:
1x2x6 Douglas fir wood strip
Concrete trowels 
Concrete mix tub or plastic bucket   
Concrete water   
Gloves heavy-duty or plastic gloves   
Level, 4x4 post, 2-foot and 4-foot 
Post and pipe level   
Quickrete® Fast Setting Concrete Mix (2 Bags) 
Sheetrock screws 1-1/2 inch
Wood stakes 18-inches 

Mrs. Escarole mailbox repaired had fallen over and the Post Office would not deliver the mail. She lives in a rural town called Creekside, California.

This post shows the ten steps on how to install a 4x4 wood post into post hole concrete mix.

Step 1: Show the mailbox that needs repair.
Step 2: Fig.2 show that 1x2x18 inches were using to level the 4x4 wood post. Instead of a nail a deck screws was used.
Fig.2 1x2s
Step 3: Fig.3 shows the 2-bags of Quickrete® Fast Setting Concrete Mix that will be used to steady the 4x4 wood post.
Fig.3 Quickrete cement
Step 4: Fig.4 shows yellow post and pipe level attached with roofing nails. The level wraps around the 4x4 post and gives the level in both directions. This is the best way to level a post and 1x2 stakes are then screwed to the wood post.
Fig.4 Post level
Step 5: Fig.5 shows the tools needed, a bucket and a trowel to mix the concrete. If using large tub mix the entire bag of concrete at one time. It will be easier to pour the concrete into the post hole. For this job a small bucket was used and the cement bags was separated in half and poured into the small bucket. The mixture was similar to peanut butter.
Fig.5 Cement tub
Step 6: Fig.6 shows the bucket used in this job, dry concrete with water will be mixed to place into the hole.
Fig.6 Mixing cement
Step 7: Fig.7 shows a 1x2-wood stake holding the mailbox post.

Fig.7 Keeping post straight
Step 8: Fig.8 shows the first bag of cement has been placed into the hole.
Fig.8 Level again
Step 9: Fig.9 shows the last of the cement being placed into the post hole.

Fig.9 Add more cement
Step 10: Fig.10 shows the mailbox is its new hole and two bags of cement have surrounded the mailbox post. This part of the job is finished.
Fig.10 Post done

How to Repair a Double Mailbox:
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