Thursday, August 31, 2017

How to Change a 500 Watt Halogen Lamp Bulb

500 Watt Floor Lamp
By Gary Boutin

Tools and Supplies:
500 Watt Halogen Bulb 
Extension cord 
GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) plug
Halogen Floor Lamp
Halogen Lamp bulb
Nitrile Gloves (one use)
Phillip Screwdriver
Rubber Grommet washer 
Ryobi 18-volt Cordless Drill
Ryobi Phillip Bit

This post shows the twenty four steps on replacing a 500 watt halogen bulb in a work Floor lamp.

This is a Halogen Floor Lamp used to light up a working area.  The light bulb is damaged and is halogen bulb is foggy meaning its burned out.

Use a Phillip Screwdriver to remove the Phillip screw holding down the filtered glass panel of the floor lamp.

The nut has a rubber washer on it so make sure you keep it when you open up the filtered glass frame.

This is the Phillip screw that hold the Halogen Lamp together.

This shows the halogen lamp bulb that needs to be replaced.

The halogen lamp bulb was broken, one of the ends had broken off.

Here is a new halogen lamp bulb that will be replaced.

Notice the Nitrile blue gloves only wear them once and use them to  change the halogen lamp bulb. Do Not Change this bulb when the floor lamp is hot. It will melt the gloves and cause burns on the fingers.

Now either choose right or left and insert the halogen lamp bulb. This picture shows the halogen lamp bulb was inserted on the left side first.

This is the right side of the halogen lamp bulb.

This is the new halogen lamp bulb inserted in the floor lamp.

Now plug in your extension cord into a safe GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter.

Great the new halogen lamp bulb worked. Sometimes you need to rotate the bulb to get the lamp to turn on. Before the lamp is closed check it by giving the lamp power.

Now the halogen floor lamp is ready to be closed up.

It is not that easy. Fold upward the glass frame.

If the rubber seal needs to be replaced do so before putting the lamp together.

If your seal if fine, thread it into the metal channel frame and push it so it stays there so the glass frame can shut. Here the left side is done first.

The right side is next to be placed into the metal channel frame.

This is what the rubber seal looks like if replaced. Couple of dollars is all it costs if the halogen floor lamp needs a new seal. 

If the rubber seal is not in place then the halogen floor lamp 500 watt bulb will burn the seal and smell badly. Then undo the lamp and reset the seal.

This is an twenty-five foot extension cord that needs to be plugged into the halogen floor lamp.

Now place the halogen floor lamp were the work needs to be done.
23 Put the end of the extension cord into a working plug to turn on the halogen floor lamp.

Notice the halogen floor lamp is doing its job and the area is well lite. Job Done.

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